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Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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At Black Note, we believe the true sign of success is customer response. And ours have responded quite favorably! Below you will find independent e-juice reviews along with videos that can help pinpoint which blends may best suit your taste. Love our products? Write your own tobacco e-juice review today!

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Black Note V-Line by Swedish Vaper

Black Note har länge tillhört vad jag anser vara de bästa tillverkarna av Naturaly Extracted Tobacco for vaping. De har skickat mig sin nya V-line för att jag skall lämna lite synpunkter.

Black Note har numera en Europeisk site. De har att hantera både TPD och FDA. Pga FDA har de varit tvngna att bara sälja sin nya V-line i Europa.

Rent allmänt upplever jag dessa juice som lågmälda. Dvs jag skulle uppskatta lite tydligare smaker. Visst märks det att det är NET men de är försikigare än vad jag tidigare upplevt Black Note. (more…)

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Reggae de “V” by Black Note, un air de Vaporificio

Reggae, proposé par “V” by Black Note est un liquide tabac mentholé dont la dénomination à tiroirs mérite bien quelques explications avant de passer à la dégustation.

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Black Note eJuice Review (Prelude) | The best tobacco flavored eJuice on the Market?

Thank you for checking out our Review of the Black Note ‘Prelude’ eJuice! Black Note sent us a very nice sample pack of their most popular Ejuice flavors last month and we were very pleasantly surprised with their ‘Prelude’ flavor and are excited to test out the other flavors we received.

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Oct 24, 2018

Il Vaporificio… Évaporation et renaissance

À la fin août, je feuilletais nonchalament les belles pages du Navire. Et je mettais mon grain de sel (de nicotine ? Non !) sur l’article foisonnant « Le liquide tabac, c’est tabou ? ». Un article super intéressant qui pose une des principales questions de la vape : notre rapport avec le tabac ; comment on se débrouille pour continuer à y échapper ; à quel point les fabricants de liquides en sont avec les très-mal-nommés « classiques » ; et bien plus encore…

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The V by Black Note : how terrific !

The « Magnificent Five »

Pour faire cette revue en miroir de celle de Nesquick, une première sur le Navire, il fallait carrément oser !

Vu la teneur de ses propos, la finesse de ses analyses et les recherches qu’il a faites sur les différentes variétés de tabacs en feuille, je vais devoir m’accrocher à mes mods et à mes atos !

Mais la décision de faire ce croisement d’expériences a été mûrement réfléchi (dans une concertation entre Nesquick, Sandrine — Smooke France —, le Cap’tain et moi) et trouve son origine dans mon appétence réveillée par la prose de Nes.

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Black Note Liquid – Echter Tabakgenuss!

In diesem Video stelle ich euch ein Liquid vor wovon ich ziemlich überrascht war. Bei Liquids mit Tabakgeschmack bin ich immer sehr skeptisch aber dieses hat mich total überzeugt da es wirklich nach einer echten Zigarette schmeckt.

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Oct 13, 2018

Tabak eLiquid Serie BLACK NOTE Test

Seit einigen Wochen habe ich die Tabakliquids von Black Note auf dem Schreibtisch. Da es sich um besondere eLiquids mit Tabakgeschmack handelt, habe ich mir etwas Zeit gelassen um die ausgiebig zu testen. Getestet wurden diese mit der VapeOnly VPipe III, einer traditionell bis klassischen Mund zu Lunge ePfeife. Die Coil transportiert den Geschmack sehr gut ohne zu verfälschen.

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The Flavourist

Sotto la luna delle foglie cadenti, la degustazione degli e-liquids estratti naturalmente da foglie essiccate di vero tabacco, acquisti un fascino prezioso e ineguagliabile. Un must al quale nessun vaper dovrebbe rinunciare. Ecco perchè oggi ho deciso di dedicarmi all’assaggio di un e-liquid firmato Black Note, senza dubbio il produttore di tabaccosi più famoso al mondo.

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The Flavourist

l nostro racconto odierno è dedicato nuovamente a Black Note, probabilmente l’azienda di e-liquids più famosa in merito alla produzione di tabaccosi realizzati da estratti naturali di tabacco.

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The Flavourist

Oggi torniamo a parlare di liquidi tabaccosi estratti puri e lo facciamo con il nome di riferimento nel panorama internazionale di questa tipologia di e-liquids: Black Note.

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The Flavourist

Prosegue per The Flavourist il viaggio alla scoperta delle produzioni Black Note. Un brand statunitense (California) che si impone ormai da tempo sulla scena mondiale come produttore specializzato di N.E.T.. Di questa tipologia di estrazioni di tabacchi abbiamo già avuto modo di parlare in The Flavorist, indicandovi anche quali siano le sostanziali differenze rispetto alle produzioni nostrane.

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The Flavourist

Nel panorama internazionale degli e-liquids, i cosiddetti tabaccosi si ritrovano sempre più spesso relegati a ruolo di liquidi comprimari, letteralmente travolti dalla continua e crescente domanda di prodotti cremosi e fruttati; ancor più ridotto poi appare il segmento dei liquidi provenienti da tabacco naturale estratto.

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The Flavourist

In this article, we review the stunning Black Note NET (naturally extracted tobacco) e-liquids. Black Note e-liquids feature 8 of the finest natural tobacco flavored e-juices. Black Note’s complex and unique tobacco extraction process ensures a very authentic tobacco flavor from their e-liquids, something a lot of other tobacco flavored e-liquids haven’t been able to master.

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In this article, we review the stunning Black Note NET (naturally extracted tobacco) e-liquids. Black Note e-liquids feature 8 of the finest natural tobacco flavored e-juices. Black Note’s complex and unique tobacco extraction process ensures a very authentic tobacco flavor from their e-liquids, something a lot of other tobacco flavored e-liquids haven’t been able to master.

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In this article, we review the stunning Black Note NET (naturally extracted tobacco) e-liquids. Black Note e-liquids feature 8 of the finest natural tobacco flavored e-juices. Black Note’s complex and unique tobacco extraction process ensures a very authentic tobacco flavor from their e-liquids, something a lot of other tobacco flavored e-liquids haven’t been able to master.

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ecigarette reviewed

The harsh truth is that most tobacco e-liquids just plain suck. Without the combusted plant matter, the subtleties and complexities of the flavor of tobacco just seem to get lost, with tobacco e-liquids instead coming off like bad caricatures of the genuine article. But new e-liquid mixer Black Note is aiming to change all that with their pioneering approach, putting out a selection of eight high-end tobacco e-liquids that promise authenticity above all else. 

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Spinfuel eMagazine

Black Note is a brilliantly crafted tobacco line from two different worlds.  This quote from Ethan Parsa the marketing director sums it up, “Farming, Extraction, Filtration, and Final Product are crafted in Italy, following EU’s strict guidelines when it comes to farming and manufacturing. Bottling and packaging is done in the United States.” The different curing processes to extract the nicotine from the natural tobacco leaves has brought a depth and flavor to this eliquid that we all truly appreciated. 

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TBEC Review

Black Note E-Liquid Review

Black Note e-liquids are a premium naturally extracted tobacco (NET) line of e-liquids. Their line consists of eight fabulous tobacco flavors.

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Jul 20, 2016
ECIG One logo

ECig One

Black Note sells e-liquids in eight flavors: Virginia, Cavendish, Havana, Kentucky, Burley, Basma, Perique and Menthol. In keeping with the company’s musical theme, each flavor has a name inspired by the romanticism of jazz music such as Adagio, Bravura and Legato. The names are especially fitting considering that Black Note e-liquids are brewed in Italy, home of the language of music.

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Review by Vaping With Vic

Black Note - The Notebook

Jul 19, 2016
Tobacco Solutions Image

Tobacco Solutions

Am I the only one who misses the taste of cigarettes?  It seems like everyone is vaping sweet, fruity flavored e Liquids that have nothing in common with tobacco other than nicotine content. I like the taste of tobacco, and I was hoping I could find that in e Liquid.  Now that I discovered Black Note e Liquid, I finally found it.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of e Liquid brands out there that come close, but it always seems to be missing something.  What I think it boils down to is that Black Note uses what they call a cold maceration process to extract the tobacco essence and flavors from real tobacco.  There is no heat involved in this process, which helps preserve the natural flavors and aromas of the tobacco plant.

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Vape Ranks

E-liquid companies have been trying to create authentic tobacco flavors for over a decade now, but the results, although not always disappointing, have rarely come close to meeting vapers’ expectations. However, newcomer Black Note E-Liquid claims its line of NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) juice actually captures the essence of tobacco, offering a vaping experience that’s bound to finally please fresh ex-smokers.

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Vaping Cheap

The one characteristic consistent across the Black Note line are the super clean, natural flavors. It doesn’t take an aficionado to immediately identify the quality of the Black Note e-liquids. It’s obvious this juice is crafted with great care and attention. However, a few of the juices tasted remarkably similar to my neophyte palate. Again, taste is subjective, but I’d have a hard time differentiating between a few of Black Note’s offerings if subjected to a blind vape test.

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Review by Professor Vape

Sonata Black Note Real Tobacco E liquid Must VAPE

Jul 18, 2016
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Black Note Eliquid is not in any rush. They are building their brand on quality and natural, unprocessed ingredients. It is a very unique and innovative eliquid brand. Alongside the naturally extracted tobacco flavors, Black Note elqiuid uses a 50 / 50 propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) blend. Black Note Eliquid actually hired an independent lab to analyze its eliquid ingredients to verify the fact that no chemical additives of byproducts are present in their final product.

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Review by Darth Vapor:

E-Liquid & "The Notebook" Review

May 25, 2015

Review by Tobacco Solutions

Black Note eLiquid Review

May 25, 2015

Review by Paul Rucci

Black Note eLiquid Review 2015 - ECCR starts reviewing eJuice!

Apr 14, 2015

Butt Kickers

Black Note Naturally Extracted, Premium Tobacco E Liquid

Mar 29, 2015
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Quit Smoking Community

If there is any downside to Black Note and its top notch line of e-liquids, that would be the price and nothing else. This premium e-liquid brand does prove that good things come with a price. Although they may offer a relatively small selection of flavors, Black Note makes sure that their products are never substandard, and always a result of unparalleled perfectionism.

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Our Verdict: A bit pricey compared to other brands, Black Note justifies this with its unique tobacco extraction process that results in top-shelf tobacco e-liquid. Arguably they offer the best and most authentic tobacco flavored e-liquid on the market. Black Note may not have much in terms of selection, but what they do have is quality no one can match.

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Mike Vapes

Black Note Tobacco E-liquid Review Plus Giveaway!!

Mar 25, 2015

By Robert

Black note n.E.T. Vaper liquid part 1 May 10, 2015

Mar 10, 2015

By Robert

Black note n.E.T. Vaper liquid part 3 May 10, 2015

Mar 10, 2015

By Robert

Black note n.E.T. Vaper liquid part 2 May 10, 2015

Customer Reviews

To read about what people have to say about a certain blend, select one from below;

"What a Surprise"

I bought this to try the menthol flavor. The description sounded so good, I thought “what the heck.”

What a surprise! One of the most delicious flavors I have ever tasted. It is going to the top of my rotation!

I have always hated menthol flavored tobacco products because it seemed like you were inhaling something made my Union Carbide. This Black Note blend tastes great and you just know it something you can trust and enjoy.

~ Michael (on Instrumenthol)

"Very pleased"

Received my notebook the other day and have been working my way through the selections. Very impressed with the packaging and quick shipment. Initial reaction is they are so much cleaner than any other juice I have tried. Having a bit of a hard time differentiating flavors, but part of that is probably the fact that I had been smoking up until I received the notebook and my taste buds are a bit dulled.

~ Ian (on Classical)

"Excellent sampler"

This is a great way to try Black Note. I liked them all, but settled on Legato, which I’ve since ordered in a larger volume. Bravo!

~ Craig (on Classical)

"nice variety"

I like the Classical selection. My favorite is Legato, it has a great smoky flavor. My second favorite is Sonata, it’s mellow and tasty. Forte and Prelude are not as good as the first two in my opinion, but they’re still good, and better than a lot of NET liquids I’ve gotten from other vendors.

~ Kristen (on Classical)


Excellent product, the best I’ve tasted, and the last from now on.

~ Carlos (on Instrumenthol)