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Tobacco Flavor Taste: Smokey & Peppery

Latakia Tobacco, or ‘Quartet’ in Black Note’s lineup, boasts a rich, intense, smoky, and peppery flavor that provides a unique delight for the senses. Our blend undergoes the traditional Syrian Latakia process, starting with sun-curing the tobacco, followed by smoke-curing over controlled fires of fragrant wood and indigenous aromatic herbs. This gives the tobacco leaves a robust, distinctive character.

The unique process of creating Latakia tobacco originated during the Ottoman Empire in Northern Syria. Farmers, finding themselves with a surplus of Oriental tobacco, stored their crop at home, intending to sell it the following year. As they warmed their homes during the harsh winter months with aromatic wood bundles, the stored tobacco naturally absorbed the smoky fumes, acquiring a uniquely rich, smoky flavor and aroma. This tobacco, named after the area of Latakia in Syria, quickly became sought-after for its distinctive character, and farmers began smoke-curing the tobacco directly to ensure a consistent supply. Today, Latakia tobacco, with its rich, heavy taste and “smoky” character, stands as a testament to the inventiveness of these early farmers.



Tobacco Flavor Taste: Aromatic & Naturally Sweet

Cavendish is not a type of tobacco but rather a process applied to tobacco, traditionally Virginia tobacco. Dark, ripe Virginia tobacco leaves undergo a meticulous process involving steam treatment and oak-barrel curing, producing a brilliantly intense, richly flavored tobacco. The origin of Cavendish is tied to several tales, all involving Sir Thomas Cavendish’s ship in 1585. One story suggests Cavendish infused his tobacco with dark rum to prevent it from drying out and developing mold. After tightly binding the wet leaves with sail canvas and twine, he found the flavor enhanced – sweeter, mellower, and more aromatic. This serendipitous discovery marked the birth of the double fermentation process used in creating Cavendish tobacco. Another story posits that Cavendish was born out of an accident when barrels of fire-cured Virginia tobacco on Lord Cavendish’s ship got wet. The tobacco, after spending weeks in hot summer weather, arrived black but with an enticing aroma. The over-fermentation resulted from water decomposition of the tobacco’s natural sugar without allowing mold to grow, created a black and highly aromatic tobacco, which has since been reproduced to create Cavendish tobacco. It’s important to note that this process only works with fresh water; tobacco dampened by salt water is irrevocably damaged



Tobacco Flavor Taste: Pleasant & Aromatic

The history of cigar tobacco traces back to 1492 when Columbus reached Cuba and found locals engaged in their traditional practice of ‘drinking smoke’ from something akin to the modern-day cigar. The tobacco came from a plant the indigenous people called ‘cohiba,’ which is still grown in certain areas of Cuba using traditional farming methods. Cuban tobacco is a diverse mix of various cultivars, with all seeds harvested using a blanket method without selection and mixed indiscriminately from different regions by seedling producers. This rich history and tradition contribute to the distinctive character of our Cigar Blend



Tobacco Flavor Taste: Nutty & Mellow

Burley tobacco, known in our collection as Forte, provides a balanced, mellow, and nutty experience. Grown on the Italian Vesuvius volcano’s foothills, this tobacco undergoes a process of sun-ripening and shade-curing, resulting in a burst of savory flavor.

The origins of White Burley tobacco can be traced back to 1864 when a farmer named Mr. Webb cultivated Kentucky seed with a form of albinism. The green Burley tobacco’s midrib remains white even today, and this light, air-cured tobacco is mainly used for cigarette production. Introduced to Italy in 1891, Burley tobacco found an ideal environment around the Vesuvius volcano near Naples, where it continues to be cultivated.



Tobacco Flavor Taste: Robust & Intense

Kentucky Tobacco, known in Black Note’s selection as ‘Legato’, boasts an earthy and nutty flavor. This unique taste is enhanced by fire-curing the tobacco to release its natural resins. Grown in Tuscany, this variety originates from the American tobacco cultivar.

The tradition of cultivating Kentucky tobacco in Italy dates back to the second half of the 16th century, during the pontificate of Gregory XIII. A thriving tobacco market emerged in the tiny independent state of the Republic of Cospaia. This early hub of tobacco production, though it lost its independence in 1826, laid the foundation for a rich history of tobacco cultivation that continues today, adding an undeniably earthy flair to the Black Note portfolio.



Tobacco Flavor Taste: Mellow & Mildly Sweet

Virginia tobacco is celebrated for its naturally sweet taste and the large, colorful leaves that range from lemon yellow to mahogany, depending on their position on the stalk.

The distinct flavor profile of Virginia tobacco came about by accident in 1839 when a slave named Stephen in Virginia, supervising the barn fires for drying the harvested tobacco, fell asleep. His oversight led to an intense drying heat that fixed the bright yellow color and a pleasant, sweet smell onto the leaves, akin to caramelized sugar. This serendipitous development was a hit, particularly among French women, who had just begun to smoke. Its popularity has continued to rise, making Virginia tobacco one of the most prevalent tobaccos globally today.



Tobacco Flavor Taste: Fresh, Balanced, & Crisp

Menthol Tobacco, or ‘Solo’, from Black Note, offers a fresh, crisp, mellow, and ultra-smooth experience. The high-quality blend begins with sun-cured Oriental tobacco, which is then overlaid with a cool menthol extract derived from genuine peppermint leaves.

The Oriental tobacco used has its roots in Basma or Izmir, characterized by small leaves, low nicotine levels, and a delicate fragrance with a balmy taste. Tobacco farming entered Anatolia in the early 1600s as a result of trade with Venetian merchants. Fast-forward to the 19th century, Egyptian soldiers, receiving tobacco in their daily rations for morale boosting, invented cigarettes by filling empty gunpowder wrapping paper tubes with tobacco. This historical influence and natural flavoring contribute to the unique experience of our Menthol Tobacco.

Special Blend


Tobacco Flavor Taste: Classic Cigarette Taste

Experience the game-changing innovation from Black Note with our Naturally Extracted Distillates, making water-based tobacco vaping a reality. Are you tired of constantly changing coils and spending a significant amount on vape coil replacements? With our latest tobacco extraction technology, you can confidently say “Goodbye” to gunky coils. Our advanced purification process eliminates the main culprits behind gunky vape coils – waxes, sugars, and heavy oils. This allows you to vape up to 60ml of e-liquid in a small pod before the coil burns out.

Our Special Blend is crafted from Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobacco, undergoing flue, air, and sun-curing for an exquisitely balanced tobacco flavor, reminiscent of a classic cigarette. Try the Black Note Special Blend Distillate today, extend the life of your vape coils, and save money.”

American Blend


Tobacco Flavor Taste: Classic Cigarette

American Blend combines Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobacco to create an authentic flavor profile that classic cigarette enthusiasts will appreciate. The natural sweetness of Virginia tobaccos merges seamlessly with the robust flavors of Burley and Oriental tobaccos. This harmony of flavors offers an experience akin to a classic cigarette, but without the smoke, tar, carbon monoxide, and other burnable material. Each tobacco type undergoes a meticulous process of flue, air, and sun curing to ensure exquisite balance and richness in every puff.

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