How it’s made

Selecting the tobacco variety

An incredible number of factors affect the taste and harmony of tobacco flavoring.

These include seed variety, location and method used in growing the crop, the drying and curing process and much more. Since it all begins with the seed, Black Note takes the time to breed and cross-breed tobacco seeds a year before we even grow the crop to ensure only the healthiest cross-bred tobacco varieties are produced.

the tobacco

We take great care in ensuring that optimized conditions are present: the right location, the position of the land, and the preparation of the soil for the plants. We are also vigilant while nursing the seedlings, transplanting them from the greenhouse into the field, and harvesting our plants only when they are fully ripe and ready.

the leaf

Once matured, the leaves are carefully harvested and then gradually cured and dried in specially constructed barns.

Depending on the tobacco variety and characteristic, leaves are further matured and dried using sun-curing, air-curing, flue-curing, or fire-curing. The leaves are constantly supervised to guarantee quality and to ensure that we never hit a sour note in our tobacco flavors.

Moistening, stripping & sorting

Once the leaves have been fully cured, they must be moistened. Cured leaves are fragile and delicate, so they must be conditioned in moistening chambers to protect against breakage during handling. Once moistened, the leaves are stripped and sorted into grades based on quality, color and size.

We only select the top 50% of all leaves for the next step in our process.

and aging

Next, We condition and age our leaves to enhance their flavor.

This involves completely drying the leaves by air once more, and then adding a uniform amount of moisture. Once we’ve achieved the optimal moisture level, the tobacco is aged for an extended period, which allows it to develop a full range of flavor and aroma notes.


A single instrument played solo can be quite beautiful, but only by combining many different instruments can true musical splendor be appreciated.

We believe that tobacco is no different. We carefully select leaves from different growing areas as well as climate zones and stalk positions. These are mixed to create unique blends, each carrying its own flavor notes and personality. And if you are curious as to how we prepare each blend, well, that is a family secret matured with generations of experience.


Before we can create the liquid harmony that is Black Note, we must extract the essence of each blend.

We accomplish this through a natural tobacco maceration process. It begins with six to eight weeks of steeping to create the most delicate tobacco flavor, resulting in a softer, more nuanced extract that more closely preserves the signature flavor notes of each of our blends. Cold extraction protects against bitterness and harshness, and delivers a smooth vape with no harsh throat hit. Once the extraction process is complete, all that’s left is the pure flavor of unadulteratedtop-quality tobacco.



Once we’ve extracted the delicate essence of each blend, we filter it to remove any and all impurities, leaving behind the purest liquid on the market that’s free of contaminants and debris.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory, where the extraction, filtration, mixing and quality control is done, is supervised by in-house expert chemists to ensure the highest quality and purity standards.

We believe in delivering the finest e-juice flavors available, with no artificial flavorscolors, dyes or chemical additives.

Bottling and packaging

At Black Note, We believe that good things come to those who are patient. That is why we run our machines slower, never sacrificing quality for quantity.

We also believe in protecting the quality of the finished product once it leaves our hands – our exceptional packaging is the perfect complement to the flavor notes contained within each bottle. We use pure glass bottles or durable plastic bottles to ensure no off-notes are imparted to the liquid, then We encase each bottle in a secondary package to protect it from  light exposure and physical damage. Bottling and packaging for the European market is entirely made in Italy.

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