Note from Chemist

2 Sep, 2019

It all started on a cold and snowy Christmas day in 2011. We had just finished our traditional family Christmas lunch, when a discussion ensued in front of the fireplace with my children and the rest of the family. I was particularly intrigued by my youngest son. He was adamant that once his master’s degree in chemistry was completed, he would be putting all his time and energy into a project which at that time I felt it was absurd and incomprehensible. This project was concentrated in the realm of vaping.

With his own savings he had started his own small vaping business in the centre of Rome, and quite honestly, I thought that he was wasting his time after having studied one of the most complex subjects in the world for the last 5 years.

However, as time passed I had seen in him a new light. He had a tremendous eagerness to learn and a growing curiosity towards this business, which in fact has a great deal of chemistry involved. So, with an open mind and much deliberation we eventually determined the constructive elements of liquids necessary for vaping. These components consisted of; propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, water, nicotine and flavours.

I remember the exact moment when our gazes met and we thought “nothing is simpler, this is something we can even do ourselves!”.

In the following days as our ideas continued to grow, we decided together to open a production laboratory of aromas and liquids for vaping; but in a distinguished way.

After decades of past research in the field of organic chemistry and the extraction of natural substances at the renowned University La Sapienza in Rome, I proposed to my son to work exclusively with natural aromas and natural extracts. This was to ensure we created a unique product which met the purpose of the well said new trend which is: to reduce the harm caused by cigarettes, while enjoying the taste and pleasure of vape.

Even though our products were indeed defined as very pleasant, they did not capture the attention of the masses, who were used to the chemical aromas produced from the aromatics industry, which have more fragrance and more taste than natural aromas.

Nonetheless, there was a turning point for us. As a result of a deep analysis of products which currently reside in the market, it emerged that for many decades the aromatics industry produced every type of aroma known for the most varied uses such as; ice creams, pastries, bakery products, cosmetics, etc, except one specific type of aroma. A fragrance which we believe is attention grabbing for those whom choose vaping over smoking. The aromas of tobacco.

The tobacco aromas are not used by the aromatics industry because there are no credible uses of application: who will ever aromatize cream pastries in the flavour of a good Cuban cigar? Or who will ever use aroma from Latakia to perfume lipsticks? But we did not produce aromas for food or for the cosmetic industries.

Our objective was to propose an aroma of tobacco, worthy of its name which would help people stay away from the traditional cigarettes. The tobacco aromas which circulated before were unrecognizable mixtures of aromatic molecules which knew everything; except tobacco. I remember that at my son’s shop people used to joke that “if you don’t recognise the aroma, then it is the aroma of tobacco”.

It was from here we started our research again to achieve the best genuine natural tobacco extract possible.

We have worked long and hard on our method to attain an extraction faithful to the authentic taste of tobacco, but which is also able to provide product stability in the long term. Our aim is to continually remain faithful to our initial mission. No chemical aroma and no synthetic additives.

In short, thanks to my son’s efforts, enthusiasm and extensive product knowledge our laboratory was created and the first stages of work and study in the world of vaping was initiated and with continuous research about aromas and natural extracts we will continue to satisfy to our clientele.

A famous phrase of Max Planck (Nobel of physics in 1918) reads like this:

“Experiment is the only means of knowledge at our disposal. Everything else is poetry, imagination.”

With our imagination, with the profound chemical and physical knowledge of matter and the different extraction processes we have developed a separative process from which the Black Note tobacco extract was born.

From our experiments a seed was planted and Black Note is what has bloomed. Our idea is to bring thousands of people to quit smoking by helping them in choose a better option. Our mission is still preserved and intact.

And the rest is history!


Romualdo Fontana

Chemist and Partner