Note From Tobacconist

16 Aug, 2018

It was a Saturday evening in June 1957, at our home on Via Giacinta Pezzana, in Rome, Italy. Elia Salzman, a close friend of my father since before the World War II, was sharing his thoughts on the future of tobacco. In those times, the spread of anti-smoking movement had just begun.

Elia Salzman was a formidable presence and a legend of the tobacco industry. Salzman, with his imposing stature, could, according to many who knew him, drink Vodka like water, tear off a large telephone directory in half with his bare hands and speak fluent Russian, German, French, Turkish, Greek, Afrikaans and English.

During the dinner, Elia said: “I am convinced that the cigarette as it exists today will disappear. The nicotine delivery system from tobacco to human blood is too archaic.”

He stopped as if to weigh well the words to use: “I predict that someone will make a nicotine converter that will not deviate much from the appearance, the weight, the practicality of today’s cigarette, but that will not burn. The smoke resulting from combustion will be replaced by a harmless vapor, such as the one used in theater or cinema sets in order to be less harmless to health. For taste, it will be necessary to directly extract from tobacco the aromatic parts.”

My father replied: “So you foresee the end of our profession soon?”

Elia continued: “Neither mine nor the next generation will see the end of the use of tobacco and the combustion of cigarette to deliver nicotine, but it’s just a matter of time.” Elia died in 1963.


This story serves as a reminder that my family has been immersed in the world of tobacco for six generations, where talk of tobacco leaves and varieties was the norm, and creating impeccable tobacco blends was the goal.

Our journey to realize Elia’s prediction, and to make the most authentic-tasting tobacco vaping liquid on earth has been an extensive one. It took our team years of product development to achieve perfect results using a nine-step process.



Our field-experienced tobacco experts, agronomists and genetic specialists select Nicotiana Tabacum cultivars from around the world that are susceptible to natural cold extraction. These tobacco plants must be grown in the ideal soil, climate and growing conditions using ideal techniques.

Then, the plants must be primed at a precise stage of ripeness and dried as each specific tobacco variety requires. Once dried, the tobacco has to be professionally graded before undergoing further processing and fermentation according to the requirements of each variety. Packing the tobacco for storage and aging is the next step, with each tobacco type again requiring methods specific to that variety.

Once aged, the various grades of each single cultivar are examined by an organoleptic experts. Our chief chemist verifies the quality of the tobacco using the senses, namely sight, smell, touch and taste. His team use their expertise to blend the various grades of tobacco in proper proportions to create a blend that consistently yields a uniform taste upon extraction.

Because both our tobacco and our extraction methods are natural, utmost care and expertise are needed to maintain a consistent taste for each extract. That means we have to account for any variations that occur in a natural product over time, constantly diluting the product at just the right moment to maintain a consistent end result.

To further preserve quality, we work only in small batches, select only the heartiest leaves, and naturally extract the aromatic constituents of each blend. This ensures authentic tobacco taste is the ultimate bottom line each and every time.

I believe we found a way to fulfill the goal of making the best tobacco vaping liquids, while making a real difference.

Black Note is 100% committed to the technology and science of the world’s best tobacco vaping experience available, and we exist to create a truly superior alternative to the pleasures derived from conventional combustible tobacco. We don’t inspire non-smokers to start vaping. We don’t dissuade vapers from quitting, nor do we inspire vapers to vape more.


So sit back, relax, and take all the time you need to enjoy the real tobacco vaping liquid experience that would make Black Note family proud.


Peter Buchner-Baucevich
Tobacconist & Partner