Smoke is in the Air: 5 Advantages of Vaping Over Traditional Smoking

27 Jun, 2019

There are plenty of different views and opinions out there about vaping. You might have heard or come across a paper expressing about the health benefits of electronic cigarettes, and the next day seeing a news report that says vaping can be dangerous. Of course, you are now confused about making the purchasing decision. Making the adjustments from traditional smoking to vaping can be a hurdle and confusing choice to make. Given the fact that smoking is considered as a trap that most smokers cannot get away quickly because it is so addictive. However, there are plenty of benefits that vapes can provide on the table. Aside from being the best alternative of tobacco cigarettes, vaping does not contain as many carcinogens chemicals than the traditional one. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of vaping and decide whether it’s best for you, keep on reading.

No Noxious Odors

The primary point of vaping is to make an individual be able to feel the effects of nicotine. Unlike traditional smoking, one of the most significant advantages of vaping is that it gives off a pleasant smell that does not stick anywhere. The smoke that comes from tobacco causes environmental pollution by releasing toxic air pollutants into the atmosphere. On the same page, the smoke from dead tobacco leaves smells like the rank fumes that come from burning the leaves that will stick to your clothes. On the other hand, vaping has a variety of flavors contained in e-juice. The components of the vapor include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavors. The e-juice also produces an aroma that will satisfy the people around you with a pleasant smell.

Flavor Enjoyment

Vapes usually come with hundreds and thousands of flavors available in the market today, and every taste has various quantity and levels of nicotine. Though the significant number of people are still on the path of vaping with nicotine, some shops are now noticing the shift in their sales concerning low and high nicotine concentrated e-juices. Users are now buying fewer high intensive e-juice in favor of lower concentrations. With that, it might be a good indication that vaporizers are efficient and capable devices and is helping individuals wean from their nicotine dependency. Besides, people also realize that they don’t necessarily need a high concentration to be self-satisfied.

Instant Satisfaction

With the dramatical rise of the usage of vapes these days, it practically shows that vaporizing is an effective way of converting practices from tobacco cigarettes. Other than that, the convenience factor of choosing vapes can quickly silence cravings. Though advanced vapes may need initial tinkering, the device can be immediately used as they are found to be already pre-filled. Either way, when the vape is prepared, taking a hit is as easy as drawing on the device or pushing a button. And it is also captivating to witness how the latest trends in vaporizing transform over time. While all the devices require an e-juice and a charged battery to continue working, the average vape can still assist or sustain you throughout the whole day without upkeep or maintenance.

Quitting a Nicotine Addiction

One of the main reason why people are changing from smoking to vaping is the fact that they are trying to either find a healthier option to smoking traditional cigarettes. And to finally eradicate the practice and quit smoking. Of course, we can’t deny how terrible and harmful smoking is for the body. But people are still doing it because the nicotine addiction is overwhelmingly powerful. Vaporizing gives consumers the capability of decreasing the nicotine levels moderately and finally quitting nicotine altogether without the help of gum or patches.

Price Points for Every Wallet

No matter what your budget is, there is always a vapor product or device out there for you. In the last past few years, the vaping market has become more extensive, and the competition is considered plentiful. There is a wide range of products in every price range – from top-shelf e-liquids, sophisticated vape mods, and disposable e-cigs. It is also wise that you go to a vape shop that is close to the place where you are situated. When you can find a vape shop within the location, it is best that you go there and visit the shop. By that, you can know the prices, touch the devices, taste the juice, and talk to other people that are knowledgeable about vaping. You can also find something that is best suited for you.


Switching to vaping and eventually quitting tobacco smoking is a tough decision to make. A person will have to deal with the withdrawal syndrome once they have decided to stop. On the positive note, vaping can help you manage your nicotine cravings. Understanding the pieces of information about vaping, its advantages, and its mechanism of action is essential for you to know the interesting turn of events vaporizing can provide to you. Author’s Bio Clarence Rivera is an enthusiastic writer who loves writing about innovations. His interest involve engineering, architecture, and technological advancements. When not working, Clarence enjoys watching movies, playing board games with his friends, and visiting Regina’s top vape shop.