V by Black Note



Oriental Blend – Mellow

Pleasant and light, this blend is created from the classic small leaves of Oriental tobacco, which were grown and cured by the sun in complex Southern Mediterranean soils. While delicate, the blend is likewise complex, spicy, and sweetly aromatic.



American Blend – Complex

This American blend gets its special flair from aged and fermented tobaccos in oak barrels, which adds a woody tone to its overall essence. The extremely pleasant and satisfying taste features just a hint of natural sweetness that further enhances the complex blend.



Rich and Relaxing

A fruity background works behind the scenes in this English blend, producing a fully aromatic experience reminiscent of pipe tobacco. This rich and relaxing blend is both pleasant and impressive, with a vivid flavor that stirs up the senses.



Minty and Crisp

Reggae starts with a bright base of blended flue-cured bright Virginia tobacco grown in the French plains. The blend is then enhanced with an overlay of natural mint, extracted from fresh peppermint and spearmint leaves, for an invigorating fresh menthol taste.



Strong and Complex

A fire-cured Italian Kentucky blend is at the heart of this robust blend, the same variety of tobacco found in the Italian Toscano cigar. This distinctive blend maintains the unaltered characteristic of its leaf, which you’ll experience as a caramelized sweetness upon exhalation.

Format guide


10 ml bottle:

  • Black Note: ready with nicotine 3/6/12/18
  • V by Black Note: ready with nicotine 3/6/9/18

60 ml bottle:

  • Liquid: 50 ml

60 ml bottle:

  • Liquid: 20 ml
Whats the difference with Black Note Classic Collection E-liquid versus Black Note V E-liquid?

The difference is with the type of tobacco leaf used. The Black Note Classic line collection of eliquids are produced from “small batch single origin tobacco leaves”, the V by Black Note range of eliquids mainly consist of “several different blends of tobacco” from the same variety.

  • The same meticulous six week cold maceration process used by the Black Note classic main line collection to naturally extract the tobacco flavour essence.
  • The same 2-3 year cultivation entirely from non-GMO tobacco seeds to tobacco plants grown until ripe for harvest and ready for natural extraction into NET e-liquid remains.

To simply explain the differences, the V by Black Note range of e-liquids could be compared to your favourite commercial beer or house wine or blended coffee, whilst the Black Note main line classic collection could be compared to a special craft beer or fine wine or single origin coffee.

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