Vaping could help millions of smokers

29 Aug, 2019

Vaping could help millions of smokers

It is a known fact that smoking causes more harm than good for people who use it as a catalyst for their stress. Without just confining the harm to their beings, smokers often lead their peers, friends, and family to harm due to passive smoking.

Negatives of smoking

The chemicals inhaled from detrimental smoke of combustible tobacco cigarettes are the source of cancerous carcinogens. These chemicals can cause immense harm to a person who smokes. Since long, there have been different methods deployed as an alternative to tobacco smoking but the success ratio has been very low.

Alternatives at top

The most harmful thing in tobacco cigarettes are the chemicals emitted from smoke and nicotine. Nicotine itself is not a harmful substance, but rather its addiction is what is bad. People often think that having nicotine in their systems is what keeps them going, but it is not something that cannot be taken away. Alternative methods for nicotine consumption include patches, lozenges, gums, and vaping.

Vaping and its advantages

For someone to be able to have the option of vaping, it gets fairly easier to quit. Vaping is an art that not only provides the vaper their nicotine but also simulation that patches, gums or lozenges otherwise aren’t able to do. That is why vaping is going to top the charts among smoking alternatives with studies quoting it to be 95% healthier than combustible tobacco smoking.

A recent study states that vaping can enhance the lifespan significantly if vaping is adopted as an alternative in ten years or so.

Help from Vaping

Researchers at Georgetown University are optimistic to quote that at least 6.6 million combustible tobacco cigarette smokers can live to a total of 86.7 million more years combined.

They also suggested that a pessimistic view states that 1.6 million cigarette smokers who quit will live 20.8 million years combined. Research and Project lead David Levy states that in the US, adopting vaping instead of smoking could be the most important way to reduce smokers.

UK and Vaping

A similar study in the UK suggests that Britons will expand 1 million life years with young women at risk of being left behind.  According to the Adam Smith Institute report, a smoker will have low-standard of life and will reduce a decade of life expectancy if the switch does not happen. Apart from that, the research says that women vaper ratio is 2.6 percent to that of men being 8.9 percent and women aged 16 to 24 continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes. Regulatory authorities need to work on making people realize the potential vaping has compared to smoking. There are clinics and rehabilitation centers in UK that have designated vaping therapies to help people quit smoking.


More reforms need to make their way to the policy-makers’ desks so that people know about this healthier alternative more. In Japan, only last year, there has been a 12% drop in the number of tobacco smokers because of such policies, like advertising vape products.

Australia has banned vaping and as such, there has been a 0.6 percent drop in former-smoker population. It is due to the fact that people often feel need not to quit smoking due to nicotine need. They feel that sometimes, patches and gums for alternative nicotine are merely boring and monotonous ways to consume nicotine and aren’t fun at all.

Nicotine in Vaping

Vaping and e-cigarettes became the ‘go-to’ alternative for nicotine because of manageable levels. A person using vaping as an alternative can initially use a large quantity of nicotine in e-liquids and slowly lessen the value of nicotine as they vape regularly. This will be a more effective method to give-up smoking rather than relying on other monotonous alternatives.

Vaping has boosted in the past 5 to 6 years and is continuing its journey, and there is much more to be offered as there are new products being introduced in the industry regularly. Newer products mean more business and that is why people are heavily interested in investing in vaping. With so many products available, it is recommended that people use regulated products like those offered by Longhorn Vapor.

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